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How to Play The Greatest Cards Show?

When you hear the term “card game” you probably think of poker and blackjack. However, The Greatest Cards Show has nothing to do with them. In a way, it is more similar to adrenaline-inducing live game shows, rather than casino classics. 

Let’s see how to play The Greatest Cards Show! The release combines playing with a standard deck of cards and a money wheel. Your main goal is to successfully place a bet, and predict where the pointer of the wheel will settle. Sound straightforward? Well, special bonus cards have the power to make things more electrifying. 

The first thing you have to do after you start the game is picking the segments you wish to bet on. Each segment of the wheel is designed to represent one card in the deck. All four suits and all values from 2 to A are included. 

Were you lucky enough to choose the winning segment? In that case, you have won the round! To make The Greatest Cards Show live gaming more interesting, Playtech allows you to play multiple bets at once. Gamers can stake up to 12 bets at a time, and they are all treated as separate bets with identical stakes. 

Place Your Bets!

The wheel has 52 sectors with card values, as well as two sectors with Joker values (not available for bets). If the pointer settles on Joker, a bonus feature is instantly activated. The Greatest Cards Show online game is filled with action, and it shows! 

The host will announce a new round, and players have around 20 seconds to make up their minds. Objectively, this period is a tad bit longer, as hosts do a fair amount of explaining between the rounds. Once you hear the bell ringing, bets are closed and the host will reveal bonus cards that have been hiding behind the curtain. Then, the host will spin The Greatest Cards Show casino wheel and either announce the winner, or a bonus feature.  

Although the game seems complex, once you start playing it, all the little pieces fall into place. It is fun, easy, and visually attractive – just the way you like it. 

The Greatest Cards Show Winnings & Payouts

The Greatest Cards Show is a rather rewarding release, but your payouts will depend on whether you managed to land a bonus round or not! 

These are The Greatest Cards Show rules for payouts you can trigger at different stages of the round: 

  • Base game – 40x the stake
  • Spotlight Bonus – 50x to 2,000x the stake
  • Light Show Bonus – 50x to 5,000x your bet
  • Joker Bonus – 100x to 1,000x the stake

Game Features

Admittedly, the x40 payout doesn’t sound record-breaking. However, The Greatest Cards Show is all about bonuses you can trigger, and this live casino spectacle has not one, not two, but three bonus games! 

Spotlight Bonus 

The Greatest Cards Show bonus called Spotlight is activated each time you win a bet, thanks to a card outlined in silver. The bonus round is available to all players who picked the right card, so there is no need to manually activate the feature and whatnot. 

Your card will turn into a charming little fellow, ready to enter the main stage. The stage features three spotlights, each with a multiplier ranging from 50x to 2,000x. Once the card settles, the multiplier is triggered, and so is your payout. 

Light Show Bonus 

There is no The Greatest Cards Show strategy to help you kick off this one – all you need to do is to land a winning card outlined in gold! The Joker bonus begins with three colored bulbs, and you have to pick one that speaks to you. 

You will face a 5x4 grid, adorned with multipliers ranging from 50x to 5,000x, on each of the 20 positions available. A little dot will bounce back and forth between positions, and the place it lands on will be the one to bring you a corresponding multiplier. 

Joker Bonus 

The Greatest Cards Show Joker bonus is triggered via the wheel, each time the pointer lands on the Joker segment. Keep in mind, not all players can partake in the Joker game, as the lucky ones are picked with the next spin. Then, choose your Joker representative: blue, green, red, or yellow, and watch it compete against the others. The maximum payout in this round is 1,000x the stake. 

Play The Greatest Cards Show at Online Casinos

Rich in bonus features, The Greatest Cards Show by Playtech is an ideal release for players ready to add some pizzazz to their daily sessions. It is not only colorful, vibrant, and highly entertaining, but also rather rewarding, especially if you manage to trigger a bonus round or two. Playtech has been on a roll lately, and this live casino game witnesses it still has a lot to offer. Take a look at all the different Playtech casinos we reviewed, to find the best one where you can play The Greatest Cards Show. 

Borina Kopcic Pandur
Borina Kopcic Pandur
Last Update: 30 Mar 2023
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