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How to Play Dead or Alive: Saloon 

Wake up the cowboy within you and enter the most famous saloon in the entire West. Take a seat at the table and face the live dealer while they explain the game with a straight face, which is something fresh and new in the world of casino game shows. Your main goal in the Dead or Alive Saloon live game is predicting which standard playing card will be revealed, and hoping to score a bonus card. 

The game is played with 52 standard cards and 52 bonus cards, which makes 104 cards in total. The cards are distributed as follows: 

  • 52 standard cards
  • 3 Double cards
  • 6 Bounty cards
  • 20 20x Multiplier cards
  • 19 30x Multiplier cards
  • 3 50x Multiplier cards
  • 1 100x Multiplier card

The Dead or Alive: Saloon casino dealer will draw them from the shoe, while the assistant behind them will shuffle the cards for the next round. It is a nice touch that makes the game seem like you are playing at a real saloon. 

Players have approximately 10 seconds between rounds to pick the card to bet on. You can also bet on all cards if you like. 

Dead or Alive Saloon

Place Your Bets!

The new Evolution gaming spectacle allows you multiple betting options. Gamers can choose to wager on: 

  • the entire standard deck of cards
  • a specific card, for example, A-hearts
  • several cards
  • a suit of cards

But how do you place a bet when playing Dead or Alive: Saloon online? During the betting period, the interface will introduce you to a timer, and the betting options. The time runs out fast, so act quickly. The betting interface is simply a chart with all 52 cards and 4 suits displayed in a chart. Simply click the chip and the bet you are interested in. 

Once the bets have been closed, the dealer will draw the cards. If the first card is a bonus card, another card will be drawn. This process is repeated until the standard card hits the table. Once that happens, the round is over, and a new one is announced. 

Dead or Alive: Saloon Winnings & Payouts

The best asset of the game is the Dead or Alive: Saloon rules. They allow you to collect multipliers in the base game and trigger fine payouts. The standard payout in the game is 20x the stake. It happens if no bonus cards were drawn. However, every additional bonus card will multiply the potential win. 

Yes, this does sound a bit complicated, but the interface will immediately display the current multiplier after the hand has been drawn. This is what it looks like in practice: if the x50 Multiplier is drawn, it is added to the starting 20x payout, so all players who bet on the winning card get 70x the stake. 

But wait, there’s more! If the dealer then draws the Double card, the multiplier will immediately grow to x140. Remember, the game is not over until the standard card is out! 

Game Features

The new star among Evolution’s games is so straightforward, there is no Dead or Alive: Saloon strategy to apply. Still, there is more to it than drawing cards and adding multipliers. The bonus game is what elevates it above many other similar games. 

The Bounty Hunt 

The Bounty Hunt starts once the Bounty card is drawn. The interface will immediately change and let you practice your shooting skills. Very similar to bonus games in slot machines, the Dead or Alive: Saloon bonus game is a total no-brainer. 

You will see a message board with three warrants. Your mission is to aim the gun and shoot. The warrant you hit will reveal a multiplier. Bonus multipliers range from 10x to 200x. Take your shot and watch the multipliers grow! 

Dead or Alive Saloon

Play Dead or Alive: Saloon at Online Casinos

Evolution is no stranger to creating intricate games with more features than strictly necessary. Still, in Dead or Alive: Saloon the famous supplier decided to take a different route and make things more simple than ever. All casino cowboys, regardless of their age, will love this simple and very intuitive game show. 

The overall atmosphere is rather electrifying, with discreet saloon music in the background, and rich interiors. It makes you keep one eye on the door, to prevent any outlaws from coming in and ruining your night of great fun. 

Once the game starts, it simply flows from one round to another, seamlessly, and with no complicated features. Even so, the multipliers add up rather quickly, creating the amazing anticipation. The Bounty Hunt bonus game is also much appreciated and adds a great twist to the release. 

Are you ready to put your cowboy boots on and find that hat you wore at a Halloween party 15 years ago? Great, but there’s no need for that. Simply take a look at our selection of high-quality Evolution casinos and pick the one that sounds promising for you. Good luck, cowboy! 

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Borina Kopcic Pandur
Last Update: 13 Mar 2023
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