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The Money Drop Live game comes from Playtech and is loosely based on the popular TV show known widely as the 100k Drop. The live dealer version comes with a few additional features that allow it to sit well in the live casino format. However, it’s the aim of the game that helps the game stand out. The idea is that you win a bundle of money at the start and then make decisions to see how much you keep at the end. This intriguing reverse gameplay ultimately comes down to risk and reward as you try to win up to 5,000x your stake. Let’s look at the details as we explain how to play and what you can expect to win in the Money Drop live casino game.

How to play Money Drop Live

The idea that you have to hold on to your winning prize until the end of the betting round is something that you have likely not yet played before. Yet, it is for this exact reason why the game will cause excitement across live casinos everywhere. So, the gameplay may sound different, but the betting process is straightforward. You decide on your chip amounts and then place your bets on one or all eight betting options. The game will then play out with your only other decision to make coming when you reach the main Money Drop round.

First, and before we explain each betting option, let’s talk about the wheel and different rounds that you can come across in the game. The big wheel next to the game host is home to 54 segments in total. It holds 51 multipliers and 3 card clash segments, and it’s these segments that hold the key to you playing one of eight money drop bonus rounds. The 51 multipliers range from 8x through to 2,500x your stake. A booster can in any round double the multiplies on the wheel (up to 5,000x), or push the winning drop zones up to two. The Card Clash round offers multipliers worth 5x up to 1,000x your stake, but you can also walk away with nothing.

Place your bets!

Right, we will now get into the important Money Drop Live rules and focus on the eight different betting options given to you at the start of the game. The eight options include seven multiplier options and one Card Clash option. All you need to do is choose your chips and place them on the multiplier values you want the Money Drop wheel to land on. So, here are those eight betting options in a simple list for you:

  • Red 8x Multiplier - One drop game using one zone in an “all or nothing” type of bet.
  • Orange 15x Multiplier - One drop game using all four zones.
  • Green 30x Multiplier - Another one drop game using all four money zones.
  • Pink 100x Multiplier - Two drop rounds with access to each of the four zones.
  • Purple 250x Multiplier - Another two drop rounds with all four money zones in play.
  • Yellow 1,000x Multiplier - Three drop rounds and four zones to keep your money.
  • Gold 2,500x Multiplier - Again, there are three drop rounds and all four zones in play.
  • Silver Card Clash - Direct access to the Card Clash feature.

If you bet on the Card Clash option and the wheel lands on one of the three segments, you will be taken to the card table. Again, we will explain this shortly, but there is no decision to make in this part of the Money Drop Live online game. The host deals the cards, and it’s a simple higher/lower format with three ties triggering the top 1,000x multiplier.

Money Drop Live winnings & payouts

We have mentioned the range of multipliers available in the live Money Drop online game, but this is not the amount of money you automatically win. The amount you are left with at the end depends on how much you decide to risk and spread out during the money drop rounds. To give you a better idea of how often each multiplier lands, we have listed all the in-game RTPs and probability rates for you below:

Multiplier Value / Color

Number of Segments


Probability Rate

8x / Red




15x / Orange




30x / Green




100x / Pink




250x / Purple




1,000x / Yellow




2,500x / Gold




Card Clash / SIlver




Game features

Now, we will move straight on to the two main features in the Money Drop casino game. The first one is the Money Drop round, and this is where you will spend most of your time playing the game. The amount of money that you take through to the Money Drop feature depends on the multiplier value that you won from your initial bet on the wheel. If you bet €5 on the pink 100x segment, you will take €800 into the feature. 

We now know that you need to play through two money drop rounds to keep your €800 winnings. All four drop zones are also in play. It is your job to choose where you place your €800, and you can choose to place it all in one zone or divide it up into all two, three, or all four zones. Remember, this game is all about risk and reward, but dividing your money is always the best way to play.

The second feature is the Card Clash feature, and you have no decision to make here. The host will walk over to the card table and start three rounds based on the higher/lower format. Your prize depends on how many times you get a higher card. One win equals a multiplier worth 5x your stake. Two wins will bring a 15x multiplier, and three wins will trigger a 95x multiplier. Three ties will give you the top Card Clash prize worth 1,000x your stake.

With the game's latest upgrade, all Wins and Ties award Multipliers during the Card Clash bonus game. Also, there's no limitation on the single Drop Zone during a Quick Drop. Plus, Playtech also added a special Winning Zones side bet for Watchers, so now everyone can partake in the action. It is available to anyone who is only watching and not participating in the main game or those who lost their funds during the drop rounds. The goal of this side bet is to guess the Winning Zone.

In addition, you also have various betting tools to help you, such as the auto-play option and the in-game statistics. The auto-stack also lets the computer decide where you place your stacks of cash in the money drop game. This is great if you would rather sit back and take the guesswork out of your gameplay.

Play Money Drop Live at online casinos

Money Drop Live comes from the top-rated Playtech studio. This means that many top casino brands will be keen to introduce the game and offer it to their members. The unique gameplay that revolves around trying to keep as much of the prize as possible via your decisions will keep players coming back for more. As for the bonuses, you can find various live dealer bonus offers, but from what we have uncovered, a specific Money Drop Live bonus is not yet available.

As for the best Money Drop Live strategy, then there are one or two things to discuss. First, you need to look at the game in two parts. You need to bet correctly on the first wheel to give yourself a chance to try and keep that prize during the second money drop game. If you can afford to, a top tip would be to bet on all eight options. This means you always get a chance of winning something, provided that you play correctly in the second part. Playing conservatively and dividing your money up across the available drops is the best way to play. 

It’s not the most exciting strategy, but it’s vital if you want to walk away with a profit in the long run. 

Steven Ford
Steven Ford
Published: 06 Aug 2021
Updated: 13 Mar 2023
Steven is GoodLuckMate’s casino veteran, having started in the industry in 2007! Although he knows everything about online gambling, it’s sports betting that is his true passion. Additionally, he’s not only our go-to writer for casino reviews, but he’s also the one keeping the closest eye on iGaming companies, so he always knows what they are going to do next.

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