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How to Play Monopoly Big Baller 

Are you ready to board the gambling steamship? Then this is how to play Monopoly Big Baller. Essentially, this game is a mix of Evolution’s Mega Ball and Monopoly; but just in case you are not familiar with either, here’s a short guide! 

The first step in the game is to place your bets on Chance or Free Space Cards. Free Space Cards are the ones where the cell in the center is referred to as “free space”. The “free space” position in Monopoly Big Baller live game acts as a drawn number and increases your odds of hitting that line. Chance Cards, on the other hand, are the cards in which the center cell is always a multiplier. However, free cells may be added to other positions later on. The Free Space card is always green, while the Chance Card is always golden. 

Now, Mr. Monopoly will pull the lever, and place random free spaces and multipliers on players’ cards. The daub (free space) acts as a drawn number. Monopoly Big Baller rules say that multipliers come in 3 forms: 

  • Standard multiplies the payout 10x to 20x on any line containing the number
  • Line pays if you win a line containing all winning numbers, the value of the multiplier is 20x to 50x
  • Global any winning line gets multiplied 2x to 3x

Now the ball contraption will be put into action. You can watch the numbered balls being drawn on a small screen above the contraption, or in a special widget in the bottom right corner. The total number of balls drawn is 20 out of 60 balls in the Monopoly Big Baller online bingo device. 

Place Your Bets!

Evolution’s games often have 3D elements to them, and Monopoly Big Baller follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. Before the round starts, you will notice four cards at the bottom. Use the slider at the bottom of each card to change it from Free Space to Chance Card, and vice versa. 

These are also the two main types of bets you can place. Additionally, there are also two bonus bets, but we’ll get to them later. Players get 15 seconds between rounds to make up their minds. To place a bet, simply pick one or more cards, and then a chip of a certain value. Submit the bet.

Your card will now show random numbers from 1 to 60. All you have to do is wait for Mr. Monopoly to handle that contraption and watch the numbers spiraling down the tube! 

Monopoly Big Baller Winnings & Payouts

Before we tackle the winnings and payouts, we have to mention there is no special Monopoly Big Baller strategy you can apply. We are not saying you can’t have your lucky numbers, but this is a 100% game of chance. 

The payouts you can receive vary from bet to bet. 

  • Free Space Card pays 239:1 per card
  • Chance Card pays 2199:1 per card
  • 3 Roll bonus game, no set payout
  • 5 Roll bonus game, no set payout

Judging by these numbers, Chance Cards offer higher payouts, especially as both base game cards have the same RTP of 96.10%. 

Game Features

No game show is complete without a special bonus game. Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Games include 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bets. Once all bets are closed, random free spaces may land on 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls numbers. 

The bonus game starts after the 20 numbers from the base game have been drawn, but under one condition: all numbers for either card have to be drawn, meaning three unique numbers for the 3 Rolls, and 4 numbers for the 5 Rolls. 

The Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Game is a simple dice game. The two dice will tumble and be rolled either 3 or 5 times, depending on the bonus game. If both Bonus Games cars apply for the Bonus Game, then Mr. Monopoly will toss the dice three times, and then two times more, for a total of 5 tosses. 

Play Monopoly Big Baller at Online Casinos

Monopoly Big Baller might seem simple, but there are many elements to this game, making it particularly exhilarating. One of its biggest assets is its visual appeal. The retro steamboat setting evokes past times, with Mr. Monopoly dressed as a captain and the host dressed as a sailor contributing to the mood. Toss in some jazz music and you’ve got yourself quite an atmosphere! 

Then, you have multiple betting options by placing stakes on basically six cards. Four regular base game cards and two bonus cards are plenty for the majority of players out there. The RTP is solid, and in line with all industry standards, while the maximum win of €500,000 sure sounds tempting. 

Intrigued? Can’t wait to start? Then find a reliable Monopoly Big Baller casino on our list of Evolution casinos. All of them have been put under pressure by our team to deliver the most accurate information on games, bonuses, and other fun stuff online operators are famous for! 

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Borina Kopcic Pandur
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