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How to Play Football Studio Dice 

The first question that pops to mind is how to play Football Studio Dice. Once again, GoodLuckMate will be your best mate and help you figure things out! 

The game is a crossover between the popular Football Studio and bac bo. It is a dice game, played on a special table, with prominent red and blue areas. The red area is called Home, while the blue is referred to as Away. Essentially, you are betting on which side will win – Home or Away. 

In addition to those areas, you’ll also notice two tumblers with dice. Automated tumblers are activated via a special button shaped like a ball. The tumblers closer to the host (also called the First Half) will settle first. The Football Studio Dice live round ends once both the First and Second Half tumblers stop, and the values of dice are added and displayed. 

Naturally, the winning side is the one with the highest count. The interface will display the result as if you were watching a football match, on a very attractive ribbon. Then, the dealer will announce the new round, and the counter will start ticking. Players get approximately 10 seconds to make up their minds.

One thing to remember is that the dealer will hit the ball button before the time runs out. 

Place Your Bets!

In the Football Studio Dice online game you get your daily dose of dice, football, and thrilling casino adventures. Does it get any better? 

One of the biggest assets of this game is how easy it is, as there are no complicated rules. It heavily relies on visuals, so even complete beginners will quickly figure out what the betting options are. 

The main bets are borrowed from the game of bac bo, or baccarat if you want us to be more precise. Football Studio Dice rules allow limited betting options, with no side bets, and only three types of main bets. 

  • Home (marked with red)
  • Away (marked with blue)
  • Draw (marked with gold)

Home and Away bets are pretty self-explanatory. You are picking a side, just like you would in a real football match. Draw, on the other hand, is a far more interesting position to bet on. By picking Draw, you are guessing both sides will score the same number. It is the bet with the highest payout, but also the riskiest one! 

Football Studio Dice Winnings & Payouts

The main reason why you picked the Football Studio Dice casino game is to land some neat payouts, ain’t that right? Before we continue with listing all the payouts, know this is not a game that will bring you life-changing wins, even on large bets. 

Still, that doesn’t make it any less compelling. Football Studio dice is a game that will keep you engaged for a long time, as every new tumble feels like the World Cup finals! 

  • Home bet pays 1:1
  • Away bet pays 1:1
  • Draw bet pays 7:1 if the result total is 2–11
  • Draw pays 79:1 if the result is total is 12

There is no special Football Studio Dice strategy you can apply to this game. Even so, Evolution made sure to spice things up a bit!  

Game Features

Football Studio Dice has no special side bets you can enjoy. It is a rather simple game, but there is more to it than meets the eye. 

The best feature you’ll encounter is that you get back 80% of your stake on Home or Away bets if the Draw bet wins. Furthermore, the game’s RTP is pretty solid. Players who put their money on Home and Away bets can expect to witness an RTP of 97.75%. If Draw is your weapon of choice, the RTP will hit the 95.68% mark. You see, even if there is no Football Studio Dice bonus game, you can still get the fun of a lifetime! 

Play Football Studio Dice at Online Casinos

Football Studio Dice is a perfect game not just for football fans, but anyone who enjoys the thrill of dice being tumbled and dropped.

Visually striking, and simple enough that even complete beginners can figure it out, this Evolution title is on its way to becoming an instant classic. One might argue the game would benefit from a side bet or two, but we have to say that considering its fast pace, there is plenty of action on that table. 

If you are one of those gamers aiming for record-breaking payouts, this probably isn’t the game for you. However, if you like to stay responsible, and don’t mind more moderate wins in exchange for a more unconventional approach and stunning details, Football Studio Dice will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

It is no secret that Evolution knows how to get things done and create stunners that will last longer than a single season. Take a look at the best Evolution casinos we reviewed, and play Football Studio Dice with an operator that will speak to your budget, preferences, and habits. Good luck! 

Borina Kopcic Pandur
Borina Kopcic Pandur
Last Update: 12 Aug 2023
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