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Mahjong Exchange Slot Review

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You may not have heard much of Zonelock - they are still a small development company in comparison to others - however, the small number of games they have released have made an impact. The biggest impact has been made by Mahjong Exchange. The game has been distributed by Microgaming and has become a big hit, with many players enjoying its alternative but also very simple gameplay.

How to play

Mahjong Exchange is actually one of the oldest table games in history. The game has its root in Ancient China and has managed to survive for so long thanks to it being incredibly easy to get to grips with. 

The first thing you will notice when you load the game up is how similar the board looks to roulette. The betting table is laid out in a very similar way. Instead of a wheel though, players will see 34 cards that are lying face down. There are various tiles for players to place bets on that cover a range of different outcomes. There are also two spaces marked on the board, one with the number 1, and another with the letter x. 

To start the round, players must choose one of the cards on the board and place it in the slot marked 1. They will then place their bets on the tiles that they believe the card will match up with. Like roulette, bets can be placed on a single tile or on numerous. While the values and symbols on the tiles may seem quite confusing at first, they really don’t take very long to adjust to. 

The best way for players to acquaint themselves is to spend some time looking at the paytable. The game has a huge range of stake options depending on the operator hosting it - some will allow players to bet as low as €0.50, with some letting players bet as much as €1,000. 

Of course, if you want to get used to the gameplay mechanics and try to play for free before wagering any cash - you can always try the free demo version of the game we have available here at GoodLuckMate. 

Symbols and payouts

The way that Mahjong Exchange pays out is very similar to the way that roulette does. The key difference being that, in roulette, there are 37 available numbers, while in Mahjong Exchange, there are only 34 cards. A single tile bet in the game will payout at 33:1. There are various different bets that can be placed, including betting on four tiles, a row, suits, a column, and more. The payouts will vary depending on which one you go for. 

As with roulette, a player is also able to place a number of different bets in Mahjong, thus reducing their chances of taking a loss. Obviously, your payout will also reflect this decision. The cards themselves feature various different symbols all related to Chinese culture that players will get acquainted with fairly quickly. 

Best Mahjong Exchange bonus feature

As far as Mahjong Exchange bonus features go - you are not going to really find any. There is, however, one important gameplay feature here that adds a bit more spice to a game round. 

When players have selected their cards and placed their bets, they are presented with two options before they reveal their cards. One of them is to simply reveal their card and see how their bet played out, while the other is to exchange the card with another one from the pile. If they do this, this will then be the card that they have bet on instead.

While this may sound like a simple gamble feature, it really adds an element of excitement to the game. By doing this, the game allows players to tempt fate and take a risk before they find out if they have won or not. What makes this all the more tantalizing, is that if you choose to exchange your card, your normal card still remains in place and is revealed at the end. Needless to say, this can be quite heartbreaking if you have chosen to exchange what would have been a winning choice. Obviously, there are no Mahjong Exchange free spins to be found, due to the nature of the game.

RTP & volatility

Another reason for the enduring popularity of the Mahjong Exchange is that it has a fairly low house edge. The Mahjong Exchange RTP is 97.06% which only gives the operator a 2.94% advantage over the player, which is fairly generous. This is similar to the kind of house edge you would expect to find in a game of European Roulette.

Slot bonus features
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Asian & Oriental · Casino & Games
Zonelock · Microgaming
RTP:  97.06%
Mahjong Exchange screenshot
Mahjong Exchange screenshot
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