Best Red7 casino games

Red7 has a small but interesting selection of online slots and games that it has built up over the years. One thing that the company hasn’t done, is turn out generic titles in order to boost their numbers and the quality of their slots is all the better for it. All of their releases are unique and feature a good selection of bonuses and different mini-games. 

Here are GoodLuckMate’s top picks for the best Red7 games:

The best thing about the Red7 slots collection is that, while it may be quite limited, the studio has had a lot of fun with their themes and designs. Dragon vs Unicorn is a really fun title that features some cartoonish graphics and character design, while Jelly Bear Athletics manages to sell itself on its name alone. This casino games developer has managed to secure the license to the Gremlins trademark, which should provide players from the 80s with a nice dose of nostalgia. Also, many of their slots feature some really fun mini-games and bonuses that can lead to some big payouts. 

Table games and instant-wins

The Red7 games list may not be very long, but there is a surprising amount of variety available within it. As well as their online slot offerings, the provider has developed a selection of online table and card games, as well as novelty and instant-win products as well. 

Their table and card offerings mostly have an Eastern theme, and while they don’t offer too much in the way of gameplay features, they are well-designed and easy to play. The provider has developed a selection of titles that includes sic-bo, baccarat, and roulette. There are also some Red7 bonus wheel games that are a lot of fun to play. 

Red7 has created a small number of instant-win games, too. These are mostly scratchcards, all of which feature fun little themes and have a standard nine grid set-up. Some of these can actually be quite lucrative and offer fairly big payouts. 

Red7 Games bonuses

Red7 likes to try and make the gaming experience as fun as possible, and many of their titles featuring rewarding bonus features and mini-games. As well as the standard bonuses like free spins, multipliers, and wild symbols, several of their titles feature themed mini-games that are not just a lot of fun, but can also lead to some big wins. The company is also quite fond of pick-em bonuses, with many of their releases featuring this style of mini-game. 

Unsurprisingly, Gremlins is a great example of this. This slot features a selection of bonuses, the most notable of which might be the Gremlins mini board-game which is unlocked when players manage to secure certain bonus symbols. This game features a ton of different bonuses within it and it also makes several great references to the movie it is based on. 

G.R.O.W is another one of their more innovative offerings. It draws its inspiration from the Jack and the Beanstalk story and the grid has a unique look that is based on the beanstalk from the story. This provides the game with a very unique feel and it makes what would otherwise be fairly standard bonus features feel unique. 

Play online – also from mobile casinos

Red7 wants to make their games as easy to play as possible. Therefore, the provider’s titles are available at a range of different online casinos and they are all instant-play. This means that players do not need to download any additional software in order to spin the reels and win some prizes. 

Also, Red7 has done a good job of bringing their desktop titles to mobile devices. They have implemented the use of HTML5 technology to ensure that their games look just as stylish when you are playing them on the small screen. Red7 mobile games will run on both Android and iOS operating systems and they are supported on a range of mobile applications. 

The best features from this game provider

Red7 may be best known for its online and mobile gaming output, but the company has also worked with a range of top bookmakers. The developer has worked on platforms and mobile applications for several bookmakers in both the UK and Europe. They have specialized in developing scoreboards and other forms of live betting and have been praised in the industry for their work. 

While Red7 may only be a small company that doesn’t work with a huge number of casinos, their games have been integrated onto various popular platforms and the provider has managed to work with some popular names in the UK. Many of the casinos that they work with will offer bonuses for new and existing players, so getting your hands on some Red7 free spins or a deposit bonus shouldn’t prove to be too difficult of a task.

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