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Is My Online Casino Safe? 7 Things to Keep in Mind

We are all living In the age of the internet. Therefore, we have all heard horror stories where people's trust ends up being betrayed by scammers. Although the internet is a wonderful place, it is awash with people looking to take advantage of the latest trends. Due to online casinos being so popular in the UK, unfortunately, they are the target for many fraudsters looking for a quick buck.

Since the inception of online casinos, you can now invest and gamble from the comfort of your home. An important thing to keep in mind when gambling online is safety. The casino you choose should be regulated according to the laws in your country and should be completely safe. 

Due to their increasing popularity, there is a wide range of online casinos available on the internet. Some of them are unlicensed and can put your sensitive and personal information at risk. In order to make sure that you choose a safe online casino, you need to keep a few very important factors in mind. These are discussed below in detail.


A license is the most important thing you should look for before opting for an online casino. All online casinos are required to have a valid license issued by the gambling authority in the region they are operating. For instance, in the UK, an online gambling license is issued by the UK Gambling Commission. It is illegal for any developer to run an online casino without a legal license from the gambling jurisdiction in their area.

Before making an account on a specific casino, visit their website and check to see which licenses they have. It might be the case that they have no licensing at all. Most casinos hyperlink to the licensing authority's website for added peace of mind. 

Licensed casinos undergo several audits for finances, security, and other procedures before the license is provided to them. This means that they are safe to make an account on. 

Think about it logically, if you have nothing to hide, your legitimacy would be one of your best selling points. You would only hide this information if you had something to hide.

Read Reviews of Existing Customers

Instead of selecting an online casino at random, It is important to do a little research of your own. 

These days there are forums, Facebook groups, and review sites everywhere. Therefore, if you are unsure about a casino's credibility, give them a Google and see what you find.

Make sure you study them in detail in order to get an idea about even the most minute details so that you can make an informed decision. If you know someone who regularly gambles online, take their opinion on which casino they play on and try to understand the reasons why they trust the platform they are playing on.

Gambling review sites are ideal for casino players who want to discover as much information as possible regarding a new casino. Such platforms are designed to provide in-depth and personalised reviews about different online casinos so that you can select one that suits your needs best. Carefully go through the part about security and the kind of encryption a particular casino uses.

Similar to how people might judge a restaurant, people are more likely to criticise an online casino online rather than lavish praise on it, so make sure you also bear this in mind. One review might stem from bitterness, while thousands of reviews are much more likely to represent the true nature of an online casino.

Reliable and Trustworthy Payment Methods

Another way to gauge the security level of an online casino is to check the list of payment methods available on its website. The deposit and withdrawal section should list payment methods that are verified and trusted globally. These include MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. If one of these payment methods has made an agreement with the online casino, there is a high chance that the casino is legit. 

Since so many users trust these payment methods, they have much to lose if they make an agreement with the wrong online casino. All of their financial information, as well as their reputation, will go down the drain if they are found to be associated with a fake or unlicensed online casino. In other words, they don't take who they partner up with lightly.

Another thing to remember is to confirm the legitimacy of the payment methods listed on the website. Make sure that the website doesn’t just include a logo and is actually associated with the online casino. 

Strong Password

Choosing a strong password when creating an account at an online casino is important. It is the main thing that prevents your account from getting hacked. 

Even if you choose the most secure casino in the world, there is a high risk of hackers gaining access to your account if your password is weak. 

Most regulated online casinos do not allow you to create a weak password, thankfully. This represents a good opportunity to be creative. Don't use the same login details twice. Take some time and record a password that no one will ever guess.

There are a few pointers that you can keep in mind when thinking of a password. Make sure that your password is long; it should be at least eight characters. There should be a combination of both uppercase and lowercase letters, along with at least one symbol or number. 

Also, try not to include your name or other personal information in your password, as it may be easy to guess. 

If you cannot think of a secure password, you can use browser extensions or password managers that recommend and save a strong password for you.

Secure Connection

Another important thing you can do while opting for an online casino is to make sure that you have a secure connection with the casino. 

Never use public WIFI when making transactions online, as this can put your personal information at risk. The disadvantage of using public WIFI is that it does not have adequate safety protocols in place to keep your information safe. Experienced hackers can easily get ahold of your banking information and start making transactions. 

Without a secure connection, even the safest online casino won’t be able to protect your sensitive data from hackers. For this reason, only gamble using your private WIFI at home or mobile data if you wish to play in public.

Fair and Legitimate Bonuses

Usually, legitimate online casinos provide generous and fair welcome bonuses as well as loyalty programs for their players. 

Some rogue online casinos have been known to promote fake bonuses on their website just to lure people in. If the welcome bonus or the loyalty program seems too good to be true, make sure you do a background check on the casino by checking its license and encryption methods. 

Mostly, the bonuses offered are not more than the amount you need to deposit at the beginning. If a welcome bonus offers you 10 to 20 times more than your original deposit, it is very likely that the casino is not legitimate.

Keep an eye out for the requirements for qualifying for the bonuses as well. If they seem too unrealistic or impossible, there is a high chance you are being scammed. 

Most players skip these requirements thinking they will go through them after registration. Make sure you read through them first to get an idea about the safety of the casino. 

Better still, read our reviews at GoodLuckMate, where we delved deep into the credibility of bonus offers.


Last but not least, the online casino's reputation can be a helpful indicator of the safety of the online casino you choose.

To check its popularity, check the different slots available on the website. Look for popular names like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech when it comes to slot developers, as these are the most trusted and reputable developers in the world. Most casinos allow you to search by provider, making it easy for you to check which providers are available on the website. 

If the online casino has slots of one of the big names mentioned above, there is a high probability that the online casino is legit. Do not hesitate to do your research if you are unaware of a certain software provider. 

There are tons of reviews available online that you can go through easily to check the credibility and quality of the games provided by specific developers.

Final Words

Safety is one of the major concerns that most people have when it comes to online gambling. Some people hesitate to make payments online due to hackers and other malicious software trying to get hold of their sensitive data. 

The good news is that if you follow the tips mentioned above, not only will you be able to find several safe online casinos, but you will also be able to gamble on them without risking your personal data. 

If you need clarification on something, search online and conduct adequate research because plenty of information is available on the internet. 

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Matthew Gover
Last Update: 11 Mar 2024
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