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What’s So Special About Live Roulette and Why You Should Play It

Live roulette games are perfect for those players seeking a thrill. Perhaps you are sitting home in your pyjamas, with a cup of coffee in hand, and feel energised to go to the casino. The only issue is you have to put your best suit on, get a taxi, hire a babysitter etc. 

With live roulette casinos, players can now play the most traditional casino games without needing to leave the house.

Online roulette can often fall short of providing the same level of excitement and authenticity as playing in a physical casino. However, Live Dealer Roulette offers a solution to this issue. Live Roulette allows players to enjoy the convenience of playing from the comfort of their own homes while still having access to a human dealer.

In this article, you will learn why I think live roulette is so special.

The Benefits of Playing Live Roulette

The benefits of live roulette range from convenience and ease of playing to a more interactive playing experience compared to instant roulette casino games. These benefits are discussed below.


There is no doubt that playing live roulette games is more convenient than gambling at a real casino. You can easily access them wherever you might be without having to dress up and visit an actual casino. 

Since online gambling has become popular, more and more roulette players have started realising that they can have just as much fun online.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy live dealer roulette. Also, if you want to put on the kettle or take a 20-minute break, you don't have to worry about losing your seat at the table. 

Ease of Playing

Another benefit of live roulette games is that they are easy to play and grasp, even for beginners. Playing at a real casino can be daunting for some, and most people would only feel comfortable playing with someone more familiar with the live setting. 

When you play online, you can access tutorials that the developers themselves provide. Roulette is an easy game to learn but these tutorials are great for beginners nonetheless.

We won't deny that playing at a physical live casino is thrilling, but needing to place your chips without bumping into other players and making sure you place the chips in time can cause some players stress.

The Benefits of Playing Live Roulette

Interactive Gameplay

Live roulette games are more interactive than regular online casino games. When playing online roulette, the most you can do is click a few buttons to spin the wheel and gamble. 

There is no option for communicating with other players or dealers. This might be ideal for some, but many players like the buzz of having a more interactive experience.

Live roulette games allow players to talk to the dealer directly via chat. Some providers also allow you to communicate with fellow players, mimicking the experience of sitting inside a real casino. This makes live roulette much more interactive than other forms of online roulette, making it a popular choice among many online casino players.

At GoodLuckMate, we only choose live casinos that have excellent dealers who know how to add to the live roulette experience. A professional, charismatic dealer makes all the difference as they make you feel welcome. Seeing someone who actually enjoys what they are doing will ultimately rub off on you. We are all aware of how much our fun can be spoiled by a dealer who is clearly clockwatching and doesn't give the time of day.

Improved Experience

Thanks to their increasing popularity, many live roulette game providers are working hard to improve players' experience.

 The developers focus on improving the overall interface by working on the graphics, making the dealers more professional, and integrating the latest technologies into their games.

Many developers are working to provide cutting-edge broadcasting technology to players, which will make the communication process smoother. 

With the invention of VR, the feeling of playing at a live casino online may feel just as authentic as going there in person. Although this is yet to be fully embraced by online casinos at the time of writing, it is hard to imagine that playing live roulette with a VR headset will not be an option sometime in the near future.

Trust and Transparency

Honestly, I had to think twice about including this one. I don't want to give off the impression that you have anything to worry about when playing at an online casino. However, since the game is played live, players can see the wheel spinning and the ball landing in real time, adding an extra level of trust and transparency to the game.

Furthermore, live roulette often includes multiple camera angles and close-ups of the wheel and ball, making it even easier for players to see every aspect of the game. This level of transparency can help to build trust between the players and the casino, as players can be confident that they are getting a fair and authentic experience.

Decisions Need to be Made in Real Time

In live roulette, players must make decisions in real time. They must quickly analyse the situation and make strategic decisions about which bets to place, how much to wager, and when to place their bets.

This real-time decision-making can add an extra level of excitement and challenge to the game. It requires players to stay alert and focused, as they must react quickly to the outcomes of each spin. This can create a sense of urgency and can make the game more engaging and interactive.

Moreover, the fast pace of live roulette can appeal to players who enjoy a more dynamic and adrenaline-fueled gaming experience. 

With each spin, players must make quick decisions, adding an extra layer of skill and strategy to the game. This can create a more immersive and challenging experience for players, especially those who enjoy games that require quick thinking and decisive action.

Exclusive Promotions

Several promotions are provided exclusively to live roulette players or to less specific players who use the live casino section. 

These include different bonuses that can boost your winnings or wagers anytime during the game. Some games give the option of live casino cashback offers as well, in case you incur a loss during the game. 

Even though the odds of winning are determined purely by chance, by playing live roulette, you can enjoy exclusive promotions that are unlikely to be available at a physical casino.

Are There Any Cons of Live Roulette?

As discussed above, live roulette games have plenty of advantages, which makes them popular among many online casino players. However, I am all about transparency, so it is only fair that I touch upon some possible negatives.

Since live roulette games must be played online, any technical difficulty or failure will impact your game. If your phone runs out of battery or the WiFi stops working, you won’t be able to gamble online

If you experience a technical glitch, you might not be able to see the wheel being spun. This wouldn't result in a lost bet, but it would result in you not being able to see the outcome of your bet until you can regain a stable connection. This, of course, takes away from the whole excitement of playing live roulette. This is why having a strong wifi connection that you can rely on is so important.

Live roulette Conclusion


In a nutshell, live roulette is the perfect alternative to gambling at a real casino. Live roulette offers the best of both worlds, from interacting with dealers in real-time to playing from the comfort of your home. 

Online gambling has come a long way and continues improving with each passing day. Live roulette games are also improving thanks to technological innovations. With the implementation of technologies like VR and AR, live roulette games are likely to transform further in the coming years.

At GoodLuckMate, we only recommend the best live roulette casinos to our readers. We believe this traditional game to be sacred to casino culture, and we love it when online casinos do it right. 

If an online casino can offer an authentic live roulette experience that will result in you wanting to return, then it would have found its way onto our list.

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Matthew Gover
Last Update: 01 Feb 2024
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