The classic slot – simple yet entertaining

A classic slot has three reels, and each of the reels displays three symbols. This allows for up to five pay lines, three that go horizontally over the reels and two that go diagonally. Usually, you’ll be able to choose how many of the pay lines you want to bet on for each spin. Betting on only one line can make the bet per spin cheap, but it will, of course, also mean that you’ll only get a win when the winning combination is on this line. You’ll usually need to have three of the same symbol filling a whole pay line on the slot to get a win.

The symbols used in the true classic slots are bells, coins, bars, 7s and fruits, but what we would call the “modern” classic slots, the new versions of slots that resemble the classics can have all kinds of different symbols. Each symbol will have a different value, so you’ll win the most from the high-value symbols that don’t appear that often, while you might get frequent wins from the low-value symbols. It’s also perfectly possible to get wins from different symbols on the same spin if you choose to activate all the pay lines in the slot.

Bonus features 

Even though classic slots are usually quite simple there are some bonus features to be found in most of them. Free spins and pick & click that are a big part of most video slots are not common, instead, you’ll find simpler versions such as the gamble feature and perhaps a supermeter. These are in-game features where you can choose if you want to collect the win from a pay line as it is or gamble with it for the chance of winning more. However, you might also end up losing what you initially won.

The gamble feature is easy: you can take your winnings and bet on a 50/50 or a 25/75 game by picking a card color or card suit, and if you pick the correct one you double or quadruple your winnings. In a 50/50 game, the winning result can also be determined by the flip of a coin. In the supermeter, on the other hand, you’ll be gambling by spinning the reels. In this feature, you’ll bet more per spin, but you might also get the chance of winning more from bigger wins from the bet lines or from special symbols, like the jokers. Nudging wheels or getting mystery wins is also possible in quite some of these slots.

Find the best classic slot

Luckily, most online casinos are separating their slots into several categories, and that means you’ll normally find all the classics in one place. This should make it fairly easy to scroll through the selection you have to choose from. Just note: not all the games found in the category are always the true classics, so there might also be modern slots that have taken inspiration from the classics but also implemented more modern features. Some of these can, in fact, be a video slot, but the main game resembles a classic one by only having three reels and not many pay lines. 

If the casino you’re playing at has a filtering option for sorting slots you’ll most likely find the option to filter for classic slots, but it could also be that this is not the case. If so, you’ll most likely be able to filter by pay lines and bonus features. If you choose the lowest amount of lines and the least amount of bonus features then chances are that you’ll end up with a selection that at least includes a lot of the classic slots. 

You should also read through some of the slot reviews we here at GoodLuckMate have made for you, so you can find the classic slot that has the features you’re after. And, we’ve of course also provided you with a link to where you can try the slot for free, to make sure you like it before you start gambling for real money.