Scatter bonus games 

There are some slots that give you a win for having two or more scatters at the same time, but more commonly the scatters in a slot have a different type of feature. Instead of being symbols that give you a win according to a paytable, it will instead trigger a bonus game. Usually, you’ll need three scatters to trigger a bonus, but some games give you a better bonus if you have more of them. 

There is no standard for the kind of bonus you’ll get. The most common one is, of course, free spins, since this is the most popular bonus game in video slots, but it could also be a pick & click game, a random win or even a jackpot bonus game. So the win doesn’t necessarily come from the scatters themselves, but rather by the game feature they trigger. A win in addition to triggering the bonus is also common.

If your scatters trigger free spins it’s normal that you’ll get the minimum amount of free spins by having three scatter symbols. However, if you have more of them this can increase the number of free spins you get rewarded with, which will, of course, give you more chances to win.

Scatter symbols

To keep it simple, most video slots actually mark the symbol for scatter with ‘scatter’. It can also have a different shape or form, but scatter is usually written on the symbol so that all players immediately see that this is a special symbol worth paying attention to. It could also be that the scatter is simply marked with the feature it will trigger, such as ‘free spins’, ‘jackpot’ or even just ‘bonus’. That way you can easily identify these symbols in the games, even when you’re playing a new slot that you’re not familiar with. 

Most often the scatter symbol is a symbol that can’t be replaced by a wild symbol, which functions as a joker. The wild will almost always be able to replace all other “normal” symbols in a game, but the scatter is more often than not excluded. However, there are slots that allow for a wild to replace a scatter, which means you can trigger a bonus feature from a scatter by having only one of them, as long as you then have the rest of the required symbols as wild symbols. 

Get more from your bonus game

As we mentioned, more scatters than the minimum required to trigger a bonus game is always beneficial, and more so in some games than others. There are some slots that always give you the same amount of free spins no matter how many scatters you have, but allow for you to pick other bonus features for the “rest” of your scatters. This is often done in pick & click games where you get to choose among different symbols or options to get a reward, and often this is even in combination with your free spins.

For example, in the slot Secret of the Stones by NetEnt, three scatters are all that is needed to trigger the in-game free spins, but each scatter symbol also lets you choose a stone that will reveal a bonus feature that you’ll get in your free spins bonus game. That can be even more free spins, symbols turning into wilds, whole reels covered with wilds or multipliers. Each scatter you get when you trigger this bonus will give you a stone, and that means you’ll pile on more extra bonus features if you get more scatters. So if you really scatter features in slots, make sure you pick one that will give you extra bonuses for landing more than just the minimum needed!