Jam-packed with features

With thousands upon thousands of different video slots on the market, game providers are constantly trying to out-do each other with bonus features and other innovative aspects of the games. Every week there are 10-20 new video slots released at most of the big casinos, so the selection just keeps on growing. To stand out among the rest is no easy feat, and that’s why we are seeing a constant flow of new features, or a mix of features, that has never been seen before in a slot.

Symbols that stick, walk, change, explode or expand. Wins that are multiplied, topped-up or frozen. Bonus games with free spins, pick & click or jackpots. No matter which combination of bonus features you’re after, there is a slot that has it. Actually, one could almost say that the “normal” wins that come from the pay lines in a slot are the least interesting part of these games, as it’s all about the video slots’ bonus features. 

Bigger wins from volatile slots

The whole point of having bonus games and bonus features in a slot is to create bigger wins. Unlike in classic slots, in a video slot you can win tens of thousands of times your bet, and in some video slots even hundreds of thousands of times your bet. This is usually something you can do when you enter the bonus game, such as the free spins game rounds, as that’s where all the best bonus features in a video slot usually are. 

The wins from pay lines are also bigger than in a classic slot, and that means video slots are quite often very volatile. Since you can win a lot from a single pay line win it also means you might win less than your bet on a pay line. In short, the size of the wins you get will vary more in a video slot than in a classic slot. 

It’s not only the volatility of the normal slot features in the main game that decides the overall volatility of the game, as the different bonus games within the slot can also have different volatilities. In some video slots, you’re almost certain to have a big-ish win whenever you trigger a bonus game, while other slots will give you either a huge win or almost nothing. In the long run, it all evens out, but you might have to play millions of spins before you can start talking about some kind of average win. 

Find the best video slot

There’s no such thing as the very best video slot. Most slots like these have an RTP (Return To Player) between 95% and 98%, so your long term chances of winning are almost the same no matter which one you choose. The volatility of the game will be a bigger factor in which game suits you the best, and this again depends on what kind of a player you are. High rollers will normally prefer highly volatile games since these are the ones that can give the biggest wins, while low rollers might prefer less volatile games so that the wins come more frequently. 

Your bonus features preference is also a big deciding factor. Most players simply find some features more entertaining and exciting than others, so finding the video slot that has all the features you like the best should perhaps be step one. To help you out, several online casinos have a search filter in the casino lobby where you can choose which features you like the best, which will allow you to only see the video slots that match your preferences. Also, make sure you read some of the slot reviews right here at GoodLuckMate, to find out if the game will suit you or not. Trying the slot for free can also be smart, so you know exactly how the game works before you start betting your own money.