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AI Gambling Tools - Are They Worth It?

Artificial Intelligence has spent quite some time in the gambling industry. If you ever noticed the little “powered by” in the live chat of your favorite sportsbook or casino, you were talking to an automated bot. Some platforms use AI algorithms to suggest games or streamline the tedious page-crawling experience on larger sites. 

What I’m more interested in are AI gambling tools. Can a bot make sports predictions as accurately as a pro who’s been doing it for decades? Can AI assistants truly learn from thousands of hours of sports footage, or are they simply crunching numbers? 

I’ve spent months researching the market for the best AI gambling tools, and I’d like to share my findings with you. In a nutshell, the majority of AI-powered tools in this field are bots and scripts for online sportsbooks

A clear leader is yet to emerge, so I’ll review the tools I found most consistent, user-friendly, and efficient.

In my opinion, shows a lot of promise. It’s intuitive to use despite the barrage of features it’s supplied with, and it offers both tailored short-term assistance and cross-comparisons of multiple sports betting categories. 

Apart from having a free trial version, I also liked that you can demo it on the website. However, the parameter options were severely limited during my tests (only NBA short-term synthesis), but this might change at any time. 

The next aspect I’d like to address is the “Live Score Card”. Essentially, the bot continuously updates the chart of overall scores in the past 12 months for the desired sports category. Currently, it only covers basketball, baseball, and soccer, and it doesn’t support the European odds format. 

A huge plus in my book is MySports’ catalog of “strategies”. Basically, these are commands that give you some control over the platform, enabling you to “guide” its hunt for top picks based on your profit and risk preferences. 

Another massive advantage this AI gambling tool has over competing alternatives is a sophisticated learning model based on several key ingredients, including but not limited to Elo rating, recent team performance, recent player performance, player season performance, player injury status, playing time, win-loss record, efficiency rating, and dozens more. 

My main gripe with is that it has all the data it needs to dive deep into juicy props and more exotic betting markets, yet it seems to solely specialize in moneyline straight wagers. This is the safer call, so it’s understandable. 

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with what does, I’d like to discuss its pricing options and whether it’s worth your time and money. According to the official website, all pricing plans include all available features (including a free trial plan). A 30-day subscription costs $200 while a 90-day subscription has a 17% discount at $500. 

For a complete beginner, I believe could be extremely valuable. It can whittle down hours of your time you’d otherwise waste on Google searches, and there’s a fair chance it will pay itself off in the first few weeks. I’m not sure if seasoned sports bettors would benefit as much, but the streamlined interface and robust data-processing capabilities of this tool can be helpful to anyone.


WinSmart and are based on a similar concept - both are AI-powered sports pick assistants outfitted with solid algorithms that dive deep into the globally available sports match data. 

In my opinion, WinSmart is significantly different in that it keeps its finest functions behind a paywall. A free-forever version is available, unlike, but its features are severely limited, including live tips from the AI assistant, pre-game tips, and several others.

While both platforms feature premade and bespoke betting “strategies”, WinSmart emphasises custom parameters more strongly. Again, the disparity between Basic and Premium pricing plans kicks in, as the number of stats you’ll have at your disposal is determined by your subscription. 

One amazing feature of WinSmart is the “bookmaker simulation”. They refer to it as “back-end checks”, which essentially means that you’ll be able to test your betting strategies and AI-recommended picks by running it through a sim. 

The reason why I referred to WinSmart as an “AI betting platform” is because it features a range of on-site tools, such as odds converter, betting calculator, money management (bankroll), negative value removal, and so on. More control over the process means that AI can be more focused on the data that you don’t want to waste hours on collecting and processing. 

Pricing-wise, there’s a free version with simple features, a Basic plan with excellent functions and utilities, and a Premium plan that fully unlocks all strategy stats, bookmakers, thousands of AI algorithms, and more sophisticated tools. 

I believe WinSmart can cater to virtually all types of bettors since you’re given control over how you can use it and how much (if anything) you’re willing to pay for it. 

Honorable Mentions 

Besides the “heavy hitters” we talked about, I also found a wide variety of simpler AI scripts and bots, most of which I wasn’t particularly impressed with, but they’re mostly free to use and easy to understand. 

Let’s start with ResearchGPT; it doesn’t have an official site yet, so you’ll have to download it on GitHub if you want it. It’s a simple open-source that unlocks the possibility of “interacting” with scholarly articles, research papers, dissertations, and blogs. According to testimonials, it’s a solid backup AI tool that can check predictions from other sources with decent accuracy. 

The second tool I saw trending across dozens of platforms is HoopsAI. It’s a trading AI assistant at its core, but its algorithm can differentiate between sportsbooks, sports teams, and firms in the sports industry, meaning that it can be indirectly used to predict how certain teams perform, albeit it’s a far cry from a regular AI gambling app. 

Finally, I tested dozens of GPT offshoots, all claiming to be the next big thing in the sports prediction niche, such as: 

  • Sports Betting Helper
  • Sports Betting Picks
  • Spanos
  • Predicting Football GPT
  • BetBuddy GPT

AI Gambling Tools - Are They Taking Over?

Now that I’ve voiced my opinions about whether AI gambling tools are worth your time and cash, let me just say that they are far from being prevalent in the current sports industry. 

While some sportsbooks are using AI scripts and bots to somewhat improve their sites, an average sports bettor doesn’t have access to such a wide array of tools that can bring them fortunes overnight. 

The most common type of AI-powered tool you can use is an “assistant”. Consider it a robot friend who’s doing your research for you, but you’ll still have to fact-check their findings. Save for more comprehensive platforms like MySports or WinSmart, there aren’t many all-encompassing AI platforms that would bring about a new era for sports gamblers.

This article delivers the thoughts and opinions of the author, and it doesn't represent the stance of GoodLuckMate.

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Marko Jovanović
Marko Jovanović
Last Update: 26 Feb 2024
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