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AI in iGaming – A Powerful Tool or a Dangerous One?

November 2022 brought excitement, shock, stress, and anxiety to people around the globe. That’s the month when ChatGPT went live and proudly showed off all its skills and tricks to curious users. I remained somewhat detached from the topic and waited to see how it would affect me personally, considering I’m an iGaming content professional.

I didn’t rush to sign up for courses for an alternative profession. Yet, I was interested in how ChatGPT and its “cousins” would affect online casinos and the iGaming industry in general.

On one hand, we have a potentially powerful tool that could elevate the player experience and open new possibilities for companies. On the other hand, all the easy access to creative products could be dangerous to problem gamblers, while the ease of pushing new content without fact-checking presented the risk of low-quality solutions.

It’s nearly been a year, so let me share some thoughts and opinions on the topic.

Already Improving Work Processes in Some Sectors

We can accept it or ignore it, but AI – in one form or another – is already incorporated into various processes.

An interview with SOFTSWISS’ Head of WebStudion, Olga Ivanchik, reveals how the company has started leveraging AI in the design process. The interview explains how designing is now faster, they get the base samples more easily, and their team is generally enthusiastic about working with AI tools.

I’m sharing these insights to prove the point that AI already has a positive impact on the visual aspect of iGaming. We all know how graphics play an essential role in the player experience, regardless of whether we refer to online casino themes or game visuals.

As for the impact it will have on professionals in the sector, it depends on the business, I think. In the example with SOFTSWISS, the company used AI to improve its team efficiency rather than to replace its workers. It’s not excluded that some companies will go the other way and use it as a means of saving money on salaries.

“AI-Powered” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Better”

One thing I’ve specifically had an issue with all this time is the flaunting of the term “AI-powered”, as it meant only positive things.

If you’ve ever tried generating an article with AI, you know that’s not the case. Plus, most tools like ChatGPT don’t provide fact-checked details or don’t have updated databases. If there’s no human quality assurance, players could get access to inaccurate information, regardless if it comes from online casinos or their affiliate partners.

Let’s not forget that some markets like the UK, Sweden, and Ontario (Canada) have very strict marketing regulations. One AI mishap could turn out very costly for online gambling companies of any type.

I mean, Alexa will turn on the living room lights 8/10 times and then call my phone?!?! or add a weird reminder. Do I still use Alexa daily? Absolutely, yes! It could use an improvement, though. And we’re talking about a massively popular and used product.

In fact, one example of AI implementation that doesn’t quite do the trick is in customer care. Sure, chatbots answer simple questions with simple answers or provide appropriate links. Yet, people don’t actually prefer using chatbots. An Ipsos poll revealed that 68% had used AI-powered support, but 88% preferred human support agents.

These figures don’t seem to demotivate online casinos to keep adding chatbots as first-time responders. Considering the figures I mentioned before, it turns out that players got the short straw rather than premium customer care.

Most Predictions Focus on the Future

Another interesting thing I noticed is how most articles are formulated, and I’m sure you’ve seen it, too. Most of them provide forecasts about the future. How will AI affect iGaming, what will AI bring to players, what to expect from AI in online casinos… These are all some typical headlines – future-oriented.

With AI being around for some time now, I expected to find more practical examples. This lack of actual implementation makes me wonder if AI isn’t advanced enough yet or whether its potential in iGaming has been reached. It would make sense for the first option to be the correct one.

For now, it seems that most companies use it to collect, generate, and analyze user data. What do players like the most, how do they behave in some situations, are they overspending, are they trying to trick the system, etc?

Endorphina showcased the Joker Ra slot, the first online slot machine made by AI. The National Council of Problem Gambling has partnered with Mindway AI to integrate the Gamalyze product. It’s an award-winning tool helping users self-test and discover if they’re at risk of developing or already have a gambling problem. Some bookmakers are using AI to calculate odds as they utilize the technology to analyze data to their favor.

In the future, AI is expected to help with ensuring safe gambling practices are in place. Customer care and personalized experiences are also frequently mentioned by companies as sectors that should be affected.

It Seems the Future Isn’t Here Yet

From what I wrote in the previous section, it’s evident that AI isn’t being used to its full potential yet. Or maybe it hasn’t even been developed to its full potential.

It definitely has affected the iGaming industry in some way, especially in the sector of content creation. I still don’t think that using one article to repurpose it seven times is morally fair. I still don’t see how AI can attend conferences or make partnerships in companies’ names.

AI will probably automate and speed up certain processes. It could be used to create personalized casino bonuses or generate visuals, sounds, or even mechanics. But that’s about it. At this point and for the next few years, I see AI as just another tool rather than something that reshapes iGaming.

As long as the industry’s target audience is people, I think that people will remain at the heart of the process.

This article delivers the thoughts and opinions of the author, and it doesn't represent the stance of GoodLuckMate.

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Milena Petrovska
Milena Petrovska
Last Update: 26 Oct 2023
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