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GoodLuckMate Talks With Print Studios Filip Wargeus

In 2020, Print Studios burst into the scene. A vibrant and dynamic game provider that puts quality over quantity, promising to deliver a game experience that will leave you spellbound.
We have been lucky enough to sit down for a talk with the CCO and co-founder of Print Studios, Filip Wargeus.

Hi Filip, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Firstly, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? What do your days look like as a co-founder of Print Studios?

Hello! Thank you for having me on. Yes, of course. I started my iGaming career in London working for Kindred Group. I then moved to Malta and worked for a while before we set up Print Studios back in 2020. I mainly take care of the commercial side of things; securing distribution and making sure our games are seen. No day is the same and that’s why it is so fun!  

Can you tell us about Print Studios’ foundation and the main ideas motivating Print Studios?

We’ve always been motivated to create quality games with impactful game design. It took us a while to find the right group of investors that believed in our vision but once we did it all clicked. We like to push the boundaries of what a slot is.  

The company has come such a long way in such a short space of time, what has been the key to your early success?

Thank you! That’s all down to the team. We have been fortunate enough to assemble a team of the brightest stars in the industry. In doing so, all aspects of the game creation process come from a place of experience and passion. At the end of the day, we all really enjoy slots, and we have fun working together. That is the most important thing.  

Pine of Plinko 2 is one of your most recent releases, with the original being one of your biggest hits, can you tell us more about the title? Can we expect to see more sequels in the future?

Pine of Plinko 2 was our December release and it’s gone down well with players. The original game utilized Relax’s Dream Drop jackpot and it is in a way a completely different game. We felt there were certain aspects of the gameplay we could improve upon, and we also wanted to explore the plinko bonus mechanic without a jackpot. This is the second sequel we have made, Royal Potato 2 being the first. There might be one more sequel coming later this year, but you will have to wait and see.

A major selling point of Pine of Plinko was the use of the Plinko game as a bonus, what inspired this?

No doubt Pachinco and different Plinko games have been a bit of an inspiration for us. We like to blend different genres of slots, and we’ve done so before in Huntress Wild Vengeance for instance. In that game there’s a bear running up the hill and the player decides when to shoot which determines the amount of freespins, taking inspiration from the popular crash games. 

Your games stand out for being creative and not feeling as though they are straight from the production line. Can you tell us a little bit more about the creative process and where you seek inspiration for your games?

Inspiration comes from all over! It can be mobile, PC, or board games. We’re all gamers and tend to play a lot of different slots and games. In terms of the game creation process, we typically do an all-hands meeting where we all get to input and vote on different ideas we want to take forward.  

The Super Spinners mechanic has been a big selling point for Print Studios. Can you tell us more about it, and whether we can expect more of it in the future?

We came up with the idea of Superspinners before starting Print Studios. We wanted to explore a multiplier that didn’t block anything on the reels and take away from the playing experience. It’s something we’ll continue to work with for releases to come.

We have seen you work with Relax Gaming in the past with the Dream Drop Jackpot. How important is it to work with other, established companies in the industry when you are starting out?

Exactly! Starting out, you need someone to help distribute your games or your own RGS. Relax is a great company and no doubt a strong partner for us when it comes to distributing our games.

If you had to introduce Print Studios to a player for the first time, which slots do you feel best embody your unique selling points?

That’s a good question! Reapers might be a bit too hardcore, so I would have to say Royal Potato. I feel that’s the slot that really put us on the map and incorporates a lot of what we stand for.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what Print Studios has in store for players in 2024?

We aim to release six games for 2024 with the first coming end of February. It’s called Tarasque and it’s our first grid slot. I am very excited for what the players will think about it and can’t wait for it to go live. Other than that, we are continuing to explore our niche and will release some very cool themes and mechanics that’s yet to be seen in a slot.

Thank you for having me on, it’s been a pleasure!

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