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Telegram Casinos - Are They Worth Your Time?

I had always been a WhatsApp gal. I trusted it all day every day with the ridiculous stuff me and my friends discussed. It was a crucial part of helping me keep in touch with my loved ones. So when I experienced my first outage - I went into a bit of a frenzy. SMS is so outdated, slow, and frankly expensive if your pals aren’t in the same country. That’s when I first discovered Telegram and hopped on over to the blue-and-white arrow side of life. It feels smoother, more secure, and looks more pro than its green counterpart. 

But would I view the app as a channel to play my favorite casino games through? Heck no! I was scrolling on LinkedIn the first time I encountered this new phenomenon - what on earth? Naturally, I dived into Telegram and started doing some research. How do these things even work in a chat-based app and are they worth a punt? The Wrebel was immediately on the case.

What’s the Deal So Far?

Since it was launched in 2013, Telegram has amassed 800 million active users. Projections show that by the end of 2024, there will be 1 billion members. Not bad for an app that has never used paid advertising to showcase its services. Word of mouth is a powerful thing when it comes to instant messaging! 

It’s no wonder then that these ‘pulling powers’ have attracted the attention of some of the best online casinos. Where the app is used to promote bonus codes, special offers, and new games. Or simply to create a secure community base where you can chat with other players. 

Mega Dice took things one step further though in 2023 and launched its full casino via Telegram. It seems that this was the first licensed online casino to do so. A small number of others have since followed suit.

How Do These Casinos Work?

Firstly you have to gamble using cryptocurrencies on these casinos and fiat money is currently a no-go. All you need to do is launch the app and join a ‘casino’ in the chat and a bot will do the rest. Depositing is done in the same way and you’ll then choose your game and start to play. If you need some help at any time then you simply ask the bot.

It’s important to remember that these Telegram casinos are still very new though. You’ll also find that the choice of sites isn’t great. Only a handful of regular cryptocurrency casinos are offering their services via Telegram. Though you can still access thousands of slots, table games, live casinos, and sports betting.

Are Telegram Casinos Safe To Use?

Instant messaging apps all come with their own threats. Who hasn’t had a weird contact from a fake number trying to phish for info? But what about using your crypto wallet via Telegram? Or having a chat with a support bot about your account? Sure you are only disclosing your mobile number associated with Telegram. But still

There are steps you can take to protect your crypto wallet of course. But as these casinos develop, you may have to share your IBAN for a withdrawal or send your KYC via Telegram? I’m not sure how I would feel at that point.

So my advice is to stick to the licensed Telegram casinos. I appreciate that at the moment these are mostly regulated by the Gaming Curacao authority. But still, it’s better than playing at an unlicensed site. Where you may be kissing goodbye to your crypto and your dignity.

My Experience of Using Telegram Casinos

I must admit I was really excited when I first started checking into this latest concept. I love crypto gambling so it took little convincing for me to whip my wallet out. Once I’d deposited I was able to choose from a range of online casino bonuses. Great stuff! I then skipped over to the gaming lobby to choose a slot. It was here I was transferred to the mobile site of the casino I had chosen-  where did Telegram go? 

Granted, there was no need for me to create an account. I also didn’t need to share my KYC. But if I joined one of these sites on my desktop, I wouldn’t need to do that stuff anyway? I feel like I kind of missed the point for Telegram casinos here.

I did try out some of the other casinos which don’t offer ‘real money’ gambling. You instantly join a channel and are given a load of ‘free coins’, though you can’t win anything. Whilst more Telegram-based, these casinos are restricted to playing blackjack, poker, and roulette only. I didn’t find any online slots - I guess the technology is just not there yet.

You place your bets in the chat channel and the bot does the rest. You don’t actually see any cards being shuffled though. Your game result is displayed in the chat. I’m not too keen on this, I like to see what is happening whether it’s with a live dealer or RNG table.

Should You Try Out Telegram Casinos?

If you have some experience of crypto gambling, then yes. There’s no harm in depositing a few coins and spinning some slots. Sticking to the licensed Telegram casinos will give you more peace of mind. You can also try out the credit-based channels, where there is no risk to your own coin. At the moment though I wouldn’t expect anything too amazing. As I said, I felt like I was playing on a mobile casino site. I couldn’t see any additional benefits to me by using Telegram. Perhaps I was expecting a bit too much.

I think as technology develops though the concept will become much better and offer more choices. I also believe that these sites will only ever be licensed in Curacao. I can’t ever see the likes of the MGA or UKGC going for it!

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Nicola Wrebel
Nicola Wrebel
Last Update: 04 Jan 2024
Nicola is an experienced casino expert and writer. With a background in customer support and quality assurance, she has gained extensive knowledge of the online gambling industry. As a freelance writer, Nicola has written over 400 casino reviews and articles on various gambling topics. She delivers unbiased content and has a passion for providing useful information to players.

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