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Virginia - United States

Our American Players’ Favorite Online Casinos – With Ratings! - Updated September, 2020

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Available in:United States
Experts rating
9.5 / 10
  • Great range of games
  • Decent betting options
  • Excellent live casino
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Mobile-friendly design

Big Spin

Available in:United States
Experts rating
9.2 / 10
  • Can deposit with Bitcoin
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Bonuses for new and existing players
  • An easy to use mobile site
  • Good selection of “other” games

Sports Betting

Available in:United States
Experts rating
9.1 / 10
  • Sportsbook, Poker, Casino & Live Casino
  • Accepts players from most countries, including the US
  • Deposit with FIAT or Cryptocurrency
  • 3 welcome bonuses + crypto bonus on all deposits
  • Play in the mobile casino without downloading an app


Available in:United States
Experts rating
9 / 10
  • Excellent range of customer support options
  • Very generous welcome bonus
  • Excellent ongoing promotions
  • Great selection of progressive jackpots
  • User-friendly mobile site

Irish Luck

Available in:United States
Experts rating
9 / 10
  • Licensed by the Curacao Government
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Monthly and weekly promotions
  • Mobile-first website design
  • Live chat available 24/7

How to Find Trustworthy Casinos

Below we explain all of the things you should check before you sign up to play at an online casino.

To ensure the casino you choose can be trusted, we’ve listed all of the things you should check before you even sign up to play. In addition, we’ve provided you with a list of all of the secure and trusted online casinos we’ve found so you can be as safe as possible when you gamble online.

Hallmarks of an online casino you can trust:

  • Secure gambling license that allows the casino to legally offer their services in your country of residence
  • SSL-encrypted (or similarly encrypted) website
  • eCogra (or similar) certification to prove the games are fair
  • PCI DSS compatible transactions to ensure safe payments
  • Dedicated bank account for player funds
  • Information about how and where to submit complaints in the event of a dispute

In addition, you’ll be extra safe if the casino also offers or has the following:

  • Customer support that’s easy to reach so you can get help quickly
  • Information about where you can get help with responsible gambling
  • Industry standard or better terms and conditions that are easy to find and understand on the site
  • Good online reputation with players

New bonuses and adventures

Perhaps the greatest benefit of joining a new casino is that you’ll be able to get a new welcome bonus. This is something almost all casinos offer, and the new ones usually offer huge bonuses to entice new players to join. In addition to the one-time-only bonus you’ll get, you might also be lucky enough to find new loyalty programs. At new casinos, it’s very common to find what are commonly known as “casino adventures,” where the casino has a gamification module that rewards you as you level up while you’re playing since this enhances player loyalty. After all, getting you to sign up is only half the battle because the casino also wants to keep you as a player.

Good vs. bad bonuses

All bonuses come with terms, and these terms are what differentiate a good bonus from a bad one. Unfortunately, new online casinos have a nasty habit of having worse rules for their bonuses than the well-established casinos. The standard wagering requirement for a casino bonus is considered to be either 35x your bonus or 30x the bonus plus your own deposit. At new casinos, and in general at the not-so-good established casinos, you can find wagering requirements of 50x or even higher. The highest we’ve seen so far is 100x, and needless to say, this is not a bonus offer we would recommend.

Checking the fine print in the bonus terms is therefore necessary to see if the bonus you’re getting is any good since this is a clear indication of whether the casino is worth playing at or not. This is true for all online casinos, but you should be extremely cautious when you get what seems like a huge bonus from a new gambling operator. A max limit for the amount you can actually win is another thing you should look out for in the bonus terms.

Sticking to all of the bonus terms is very important at new and small casinos online. Breaking a rule, even if you do so unintentionally, is something the casino may deem bonus abuse, and they may simply take your winnings. Older casinos have the option to do this as well, but they rarely do since their reputations are more important than the money you’ve requested to withdraw. New casinos that may struggle a bit more with their bankrolls and may consider the money more important, so the threshold for them to simply deny your withdrawal is lower.

Payments at new online casinos

Making deposits to your casino account is never a problem at any casino. After all, if you can’t make deposits, the casino can’t make any money, so deposits are always a top priority. Withdrawals, however, are another story. Cashouts from a new casino will usually go quickly since these casinos don’t have a big player base, which in turn means they don’t get that many withdrawal requests. In other words, your withdrawal won't end up at the end of a long queue of hundreds of other withdrawals that need to be processed before yours. This is why the good new casinos can get your money to you quickly, but the bad ones might delay your cashout on purpose.

Some new operators may not even start processing your withdrawal until it’s been pending for at least 24 hours, or sometimes even longer. They do this for one reason only: to see if you’ll cancel your withdrawal and decide to gamble more instead, and perhaps lose the money you were planning to cash out. Obviously, this is not something good casinos do. The good casinos, and the well-established ones, may even offer automatic withdrawals for all verified players, which means there won’t be any delay at all. Another thing that may affect how quickly you can get your withdrawal is the opening hours of the payment department. Big casinos usually have someone there to approve your withdrawals 24/7, but smaller and new casinos may only be able to do this on weekdays during normal office hours. 

Other things you should check about payments before depositing at a new online casino are fees for both deposits and withdrawals and the payment options the casino supports.

Customer support pros and cons

If you join a new casino, you can expect to get better help from the customer support team. With fewer registered and active players, agents at new casinos usually aren’t that busy, which means you won’t wait long, or at all, to get help. But that’s not all. Chances are the support agent won’t be completely stressed out by having 3 to 5 online chats going with different players simultaneously, in addition to being on the phone with yet another player, so the actual help you’ll get at a new casino will be better. In addition, if you contact support multiple times, you’ll probably end up talking to the same person over and over, and you'll get more personalized help because you won’t have to explain the issue you’re experiencing over and over. 

Shorter queues and better, more dedicated help are definitely great pros for new casinos vs. big casino operators, but there’s one more thing on our pro list. Small casinos don’t have hundreds of staff members, which means one person does more. For instance, at a small casino, a regular support agent will probably be able to give you a bonus, check a pending game round, process your verification documents, and perhaps even your withdrawals, while support agents at bigger casinos only do frontline support. When something needs to be escalated to a different team, your case might be bounced around like a ping pong ball between departments, which obviously means you’ll have to wait, and wait, and …

The big con for new casinos vs. old and big casinos is opening hours. You probably won’t get help 24/7 at a small casino, and sometimes, you won’t even get it 7 days a week, especially if you want help in languages other than English.

Game selection at new casinos

If you’re only looking to play slots or table games, it actually doesn’t matter much which casino you choose – new or old. A new casino can have just as many games to choose from as the well-established ones. Game selection only depends on the game providers they’ve chosen to cooperate with. This will matter more if you want to play games other than the classic casino games. 

You’ll also find new game operators that offer sports betting, proper poker platforms, lotteries and any other types of games as well, but if you’re looking for a new casino, finding all of these categories at one game operator is hard. If you’re looking to play in several categories, you’re likely better off choosing a well-established operator since new ones are seldom good at more than just one thing. It’s common for new operators to start with slots and then add more categories as the casino grows, but this may take years. 

New interface, design and up-to-date features

At this point, some online casinos have been around for 15 years or more, and they tend to get a bit set in their ways. This can impact the features they chose to implement on their sites because adding new services to an existing site can be a bit tricky, and this might end up being lower on the priority list for the developers. New casinos, on the other hand, can add all the latest and best features, right from the get-go, since adding outdated ways of doing things doesn’t make sense when you’re starting from scratch.

Examples of more current features include tools to upload your verification documents straight to your player account instead of sending them in by email, having all of your available bonuses in a bonus tab in your account instead of having to enter bonus codes into the deposit page, having access to an integrated casino adventure, or even having a proper filtering and sorting system for their games. 

New, fresh and appealing designs are something else that new casinos are usually better at, compared to the older casinos. Not to mention better usability from mobile casinos. Many new operators are now mobile first, which means they focus on developing proper sites for mobiles and tablets that can also be used from desktops, instead of the other way around.

Safety at new online casinos

If there’s one thing that should be at the top of your priority list when you pick a new casino to play at, it’s security. You’ll be submitting quite a bit of personal information, along with your payment details, to the site, so making sure your information is safe is simply a must. A gambling license, preferably from one of the recognized and trustworthy gambling authorities, is the first thing you should check for. The next is the type of encryption the casino uses. The third thing you want to look out for is certification that the casino’s games are fair.

Security is, of course, important no matter how long the casino has been around, but for older casinos, you’ll also be able to check into what kind of player reputation the operator has. For obvious reasons you won’t be able to find a lot of information about this at a brand new casino, and this is why new casinos need to check all other boxes in terms of site security.

If you really want to try a new casino but you’re worried about being able to do so safely, we have a pro tip for you – join a new casino from an old game operator. Many casino companies have several casinos, and they launch new ones all the time. By choosing to go with older operators, you get the security of dealing with well-established companies, as well as the benefits of playing at a new casino. In many cases, these casinos are actually the best choice, and in almost all cases, they are the safest choice. 

Finding the best new online casinos

Finding good places to play in the vast jungle of online casinos is no easy task, and sorting through all the different casinos to find the gems among them takes time, dedication, and quite a bit of knowledge about what to look out for. That’s why your friends at GoodLuckMate are committed to helping you. We’re constantly testing new operators so that you don’t have to. Have a look at our toplist of the best new online casinos and be secure in the knowledge that you’ll find some trustworthy casinos there. 

Online Casino Reviews - FAQs

  • A gambling license is intended to protect players, and one of its main functions is to provide a mechanism for resolving disputes when they come up. If you have a dispute with a casino, and the casino is being unreasonable, the gambling authority will help you. For many licenses, this means you can contact the gambling authority to get help processing your withdrawals, claiming money the casino has debited from your account, or resolving other disputes that might arise. The likelihood that the gambling authority will help you in ways that are effective, however, depends on the procedures they have in place for this. This is yet another reason why choosing to play at a casino that has a safe license is important.

    Getting help directly from the gambling authority is not always necessary, or even an option. A lot of regulators have now enforced third-party dispute resolution. This means casinos must have an agreement with an arbitrator who will look into disputes on the behalf of players from a particular casino. This ensures your dispute will be reviewed by an objective third party. All trusted online casinos have information about arbitration on their websites if they use this option, or they’ll have the contact information for the gambling authority you should consult. However, you should always try to resolve your issues with the casino first, and a lot of casinos have separate email addresses specifically for handling complaints.

  • If you’re worried about the security of the transactions you’re making at a casino, you should look for a logo with the acronym PCI DSS. This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and this is something the payment industry has created. If you see this logo, it means the casino can be trusted for safe money transactions since they follow all of the rules set by the payment industry. Information about this can also be found in an FAQ section on the casino’s website.

    Another thing to look out for in terms of payments is where your money is kept while you play. Some gambling authorities, all of the best ones actually, regulate what the casino can do with your money while they are holding it. Your money shouldn’t go into a general bank account held by the casino; it should go into an account that is strictly for holding player funds. This means that as long as you have the money in your player account, it can’t be spent by the casino. Your deposit will be kept separate from the operating funds of the casino until your player account is empty, which will happen if you make a funds withdrawal or if you lose the money while playing.

  • The best known system tool for ensuring that a casino offers fair games is eCogra; however, there are other providers that also offer these kinds of systems. You want to make sure that the casino is using a certified third-party control system to ensure that the games of chance you’re playing are actually based on chance and not on other types of metrics. Rigged games are ones that have been set up to pay out less than they claim to or ones that give some players a greater chance of winning than others.

    The eCogra logo can often be found in the footer of the casino’s website, but not all casinos choose to display it. If you can’t see this logo, go to the FAQs and see if you can find information about random number generators. If there are no FAQs on the site, check out their terms and conditions or contact the casino’s support and ask how they ensure their games are safe.

  • An SSL-encrypted website should be mandatory for any casino, and very few casinos operate without this or similar safe encryption features. Always keep in mind that you are giving the casino quite a bit of sensitive information, including your payment details. When you’re uploading and sending documents to verify your identity, you want to make sure that no unauthorized third-party has access to them. Site security, therefore, doesn’t only include the website itself but also what the casino does on the backend. You should always look into a casino’s data security. You’ll normally find information about this in their terms and conditions and their privacy policy. If in doubt, contact their support and ask for more detailed information.

    Most trustworthy casinos have information about site security in the website footer, so simply scroll down and look for the logo of a well-known security system.

  • The gambling license a casino operates under will have a big impact on your security. Not all licenses are equally safe for players for the simple reason that they are issued by different gambling authorities that work in different ways and have different rules. The rules and regulations may be quite similar, but the way they are enforced is a different story entirely. For example, if a casino doesn’t comply with the regulations, some gambling authorities may just issue a fine while others may revoke the casino’s license outright. How often gambling authorities show up for an unscheduled inspection or control will also vary.

    The biggest differences between a safe, high quality gambling license and one that isn’t as good will usually show up in the areas of fair gaming, dispute resolution and the rules and systems for identifying and handling problem gamblers (responsible gambling). If your country of residence has its own gambling authority, playing at casinos that are licensed by them will be the safest option for you. Other international licenses that can be trusted are issued by the Malta Gambling Authority and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. Curacao eGaming is getting better at protecting players whereas licenses from Panama and Costa Rica, for instance, are considered less safe. The worst option is obviously a casino with no license whatsoever.

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