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What Does Bonus Abuse Mean?

Bonus abuse has always existed, and the introduction of online casinos brought it under the spotlight. In fact, when online casinos came into play in the early 90s, bonus abuse was something that casinos simply accepted. This acceptance ended up in significant losses for the casinos, so eventually, enough was enough. Various restrictions were eventually put on these bonuses, but that did not put an end to bonus abuse. In this article, we will break down the meaning of the term "bonus abuse" and explain how the current gambling industry views it.

The Truth About Bonus Abuse 

There is no mistaking that some people dedicate their time to trying to abuse online bonus promotions. Introducing wagering requirements has been the major talking point surrounding this ongoing issue. Yet, these "bonus hunters" look for the smallest of details in the terms and conditions. These details can hold the key to converting bonuses into real cash.

In the early days, the casinos gave bonuses in good faith. Abusing these bonuses was not illegal but seen as going against the general casino etiquette. Action is rarely taken lightly though, receiving a ban from the casino or a network of casinos is usually to be expected.

However, there are many occasions when people unintentionally abuse the bonus that they have claimed. What happens in this situation? Well, ignorance of the rules is rarely an acceptable excuse, and the same result of casino bans can again be expected. Forgetting to read the rules or not understanding the rules is a common issue, but this still falls under the terms of bonus abuse.

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Common Broken Rules that Lead to Bonus Abuse 

Multiple Accounts - Most casino bonuses get limited to one player, and often the rule gets tightened to only one player per household. Casinos track the IP address and multiple logins from the same IP are going to be flagged as suspicious. It may only be a friend logging in from your home, but it will require an explanation to avoid potential bans or account restrictions.

Saving Bonus Money - Tactically saving bonus money to use with other promotions to help boost your winning chances will often get flagged. You may get away on one or two occasions, but the casino will investigate repeated behavior.

Claiming Multiple Bonuses - Sometimes an error in the casino software will allow you to claim multiple bonuses. It may seem tempting, but this will often result in the casino reviewing the situation once they fix the issues. You may get banned even if you thought you were in the right.

Ignoring Game Rules - Games with a low house edge often get restricted, such as blackjack and poker. Modern technology should stop you from playing your bonus on these games. However, sometimes a player can slip through. Accidentally or not, in doing so, they will probably face either the removal of the bonus or a straight-up ban.

Breaking Maximum Bet Limits - Players can find their bonus being confiscated due to them not realizing the maximum bonus bet amount limit. It’s a sneaky rule often hidden in the bonus terms and conditions, but it is one that many beginner players break unknowingly. Even just a few cents over the limit can be enough for the casino to remove the bonus.

The Truth About Bonus Abuse

Staying on the Right Side of the Bonus Rules

Nearly every casino bonus will come with some form of terms and conditions. The confusing thing is that these rules change from casino to casino. Some casinos aim to provide player-friendly rules to give their members a good chance of converting bonuses to real money. Other casinos are more cautious and place huge wagering requirements on the bonus to ensure it doesn’t lose out on too much money.

Bonus abuse will be an ongoing fight for the casinos, and on the whole, most players stick to the rules. Many others simply do not realize that they were “abusing” the bonus until it is too late and the money's gone. Our take on all this? Be bonus wise and take the time to read the rules and keep your name off the “bonus abuser” blacklist.

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Steven Ford
Steven FordUpdated: 26 Jan 2022
Steve started his iGaming career back in 2007 and he has not looked back since. Various job roles for both global and startup casino brands have given him a deep and thorough under...

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