Lightning Dice

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Playing Lightning Dice online is perhaps one of the simplest of all the live dealer games out there available to play. The Lightning feature from Evolution is a simple addition to the classic dice game that brings with it the potential to win much bigger prizes than usual, there really is nothing more to it than that. Lightning numbers and one or two more elements to the game need to be understood to make the most of your experience, though. So, read on as we explain all and show you how to play Lightning Dice.

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How to play Lightning Dice 

The game starts by choosing your selection from the available betting options. Picking out a bet is a lot easier than other dice games such as Sic Bo because you only have to predict the total sum of all three dice. Once you make your selection or selections, you can bet on one or more of the totals in this game, then your work is over. The Lightning numbers will be decided by using the random virtual number generator and it is then up to the live dealer to release the three dice into the perspex Lightning Tower.

The tower helps to keep the tumbling dice a completely random act as well as providing an exciting feature to the game. Once the dice fall into their resting places at the bottom of the tower then the relative prizes are paid out with any Lightning number multipliers being added on top. The live dealer then returns the three dice back up to the top of the tower ready for the next round of bets. As you can see, the format of the game is very straightforward but we will now explain the betting layout and how to place your bets along with some important ideas to remember.

Place your bets!

Placing your bets on Lightning Dice is quick and easy and you only need to place your chips on the total values located at the bottom of the game screen. The fact that the Lightning numbers are declared after the betting has finished means that you cannot predict the outcome of the multipliers, and with there being no side bets available in the game, it means that your main attention should therefore be focused on the payout probabilities.

You have the option of betting on more than one total value. There is also the option to bet on all the total values by using the “Bet on All” button, but we would always advise against using that option. The core of this game is in the probabilities and the specific multipliers being attached to the various total values, and so we will explain all of this in the next section.

Lightning Dice winnings & payouts

The standard payout table is fixed and then the Lightning multipliers are added on top to create the big winning potential that the game offers. If you calculate the probability of each of the totals landing then you will quickly see where the betting value lies. Numbers 8-13 hold the biggest probabilities with a range of 9.7% to 12.5%, whereas numbers 3 and 18 both offer a probability of 0.4%. 

One of the key Lightning Dice rules to remember in the game is that the 1000x multiplier prize can only be won on 3 and 18. Numbers 4 and 17 offer up to 500x, 5 and 16 offer 250x and the 6, 7, 14 and 15 numbers offer up to 100x. This leaves those six numbers in the middle (8-13) that have the biggest chances of winning with a maximum multiplier of 50x your stake. Understanding the multiplier and probability rules will help you enjoy the game a lot more in the long run. At the end of the day, the Lightning Dice game is a fun experience but it will not bring you huge amounts of winnings.

Game Features

The Lightning feature is the core element in the game and it helps to bring a heightened sense of excitement to what is otherwise a straightforward and simple game. It is the random factor of the Lightning feature that results in you never knowing what your final payout may be for each of the betting rounds.

The Lightning Tower is an extra attraction that many of the other Lightning games in the Evolution collection do not have access to. The release of the dice into the tower as they tumble through the obstacles all adds to the atmosphere. Due to the quick nature of the game, you can play through many betting rounds in an hour, so be sure to keep track of your spending if you do give the game a try.

Play Lightning Dice at online casinos

Evolution is the number one live casino supplier and so all the top casinos want to include these games in their lobby. This means that finding a Lightning Dice casino should not pose you any problems at all. Furthermore, live casino promotions and offers are getting more popular as more players turn to the live dealers for their online gaming sessions. This means you may be able to find one or two Lightning Dice bonus offers to claim as well. 

For those of you looking for a winning Lightning Dice strategy then, unfortunately, there is not one available. However, taking into account the various probabilities and the maximum multipliers available on each number total will help to show you where the value bets can be found. If you like the sound of the Lightning Dice game then you can find many of the Evolution casinos right here at GoodLuckMate, so come and take a browse if you ever find yourself looking for a top-rated online live casino to play at.

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