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Betsson Receives Warning in Sweden over Betting Rules in Football

The popular sportsbook operator Betsson has received a warning from the Spelinspektionen in Sweden after breaching the regulator’s betting rules. Betsson is said to have offered odds on rule violations in a football match, which goes against the anti-match-fixing rules that exist within the country.

Anti-Match-Fixing Measures in Place 

New gambling laws in Sweden state that operators are not allowed to offer odds on rule violations within games. This includes incidents like penalties, bookings, and free-kicks. The reasoning for this is that it will prevent match-fixing within the game. 

Back in May, Spelinspektionen was led to believe that Betsson had offered such odds in a game between Malmö FF and Elfsborg in the country’s top-division, Allsvenskan league. The odds offered, according to Betsson, were as part of a combination bet. 

The company defended itself by saying that by offering these as part of a combination, they were not directly breaking the rules. According to the operator, the fact that it was a combination means it would be more challenging to use for match-fixing. It also stated that the bets were through a third party. 

Betsson Receives Warning over Betting Rules Breach

Let Off With a Warning

Despite its defense, Betsson admitted to offering the odds. It claimed that only 30 bets had been placed in the live-play, with SEK3,000 being staked. It instantly voided all of the bets and returned the money to the players once it had been made clear it was a breach of rules. 

Betsson has followed this up by reassuring Spelinspektionen that it now has taken measures to monitor these types of bets and that it has also informed the third party of the issue. 

Spelinspektionen has responded to the defense offered by Betsson. It has let the operator get away with a caution but has also made it clear that combination bets are considered as part of the ban. It also addressed the fact that Betsson defended the issue, calling it aggravating. 

About Betsson 

Betsson is a publicly-traded company that was founded in Sweden. The company can trace its roots all the way back to the 1960s, establishing it as one of the longest-lasting places in the industry. The company offers all sorts of betting products including online casinos, sportsbooks, and more. It is best known for its sports betting options, but that isn’t to say that its casino output isn’t strong. The company works with many of the best developers in the industry and offers a big selection of titles. You can find out more in our Betsson Casino review

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Liam Hoofe
Liam HoofeUpdated: 07 Dec 2021
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