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SYNOT Marks 30 Years in the iGaming Industry!

Thirty years ago SYNOT Group started operations and the company from Uherské Hradiště is now celebrating this milestone. Now a company employing over three thousand people, SYNOT started as a small company with just three employees.

The Goal Was to Be the Best

SYNOT first started its business in 1991 with a loan borrowed by the company’s owners. The amount which was in the several tens of thousand crowns was quite an amount back in the day. This is according to Ivo Valenta who is the owner of the SYNOT Group. 

Valenta said in a press release that their father and brother started the company from scratch at a difficult time. Repaying the loan was a constant worry considering the loan was quite massive at the time. But Valenta said diligence and energy were in plenty to keep them going. The small company at the time had great ambitions and being the best in its space was one of these ambitions. 

The owner recounted the absence of today’s technological advancements and conveniences. But this didn’t dampen their spirits. Valenta also put Czech public officials on the spot for their bullying and bureaucracy among other obstacles that hinder business persons from driving the country’s economy forward. 

SYNOT Group has since diversified its business verticals. For instance, the company now deals in:

  • IT Technology 
  • Property management and renovation
  • Security solutions
  • The sale of luxury cars (BMW)
  • Tourism investments
  • Online solutions and startup support
  • Lottery 

SYNOT Marks 30 Years in the iGaming Industry!

Operating in Global Markets

The owner of the SYNOT Group highlighted the importance of operating in global markets while enjoying the respect it has created between it and its partners across several continents. What stands out for Valenta is the commitment and hard work pumped into the company by the entire team. 

The company is also looking to improve and innovate its products to match the developing trends in the market to help it stay competitive. Furthermore, it’s possible to adapt the products to meet the demands of a specific market. 

Valenta was also quick to acknowledge the recognition the company’s businesses continue to enjoy. But this comes with a dose of humility while also remaining motivated and committed to work

Engaging in Non-Profit Activities

SYNOT Group has also been involved in various non-profit and sporting activities since its inception. The owner started the SYNOT Foundation to ensure the funds channeled toward the different activities get to their preferred destinations. ‘

At least a billion crowns have already gone into supporting a plethora of entities as well as public projects. These projects include:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities
  • Social institutions
  • Sports clubs
  • Retirement homes
  • Hobby and leisure organizations
  • Cultural institutions and theatres
  • Folklore traditions
  • Folklore
  • Church monuments
  • Schools

The tourism industry has also benefited from the company’s foundation. For instance, SYNOT has been involved in the reconstruction of historic buildings and hotels in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. A range of these buildings went on to win prestigious awards. The Art Nouveau Slovak Hotel Elizabeth, Zelená Žaba (Green Frog) swimming pool resort, and the Grandhotel Tatra in Velké Karlovice are some of those that won awards. 

SYNOT has several other individual companies operating in over 20 countries worldwide. It also has a presence in at least another dozen countries through its online casinos.

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Nerijus Grenda
Nerijus Grenda
Published: 07 Jan 2022
Updated: 13 Mar 2023
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